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„The Seven Realms“

This is the map where everything starts

It is a dynamic open world scenario. The world evolves with the story and can also be changed by decisions made by the players.


Upgrade your heroes through a unique level system

Every hero has different levels with new equipment: Basic > Asmarald.

Every equipment has 4 pieces like a puzzle system. Helmet, Armor, Weapons and/or Shield. To create these equipment pieces you have to collect ressources, bring them to the craftsman and get your materials. And with these materials you will create new equipment pieces at the blacksmith (weapon and armor). And then you will activate new abilities and upgade your stats on the hero board by placing the puzzle pieces over the base image and complete the new hero pose.

Notes: Hero board is planned to be a double layer board for safer and easier selection of statistics and the ressources.

Hero Abilities

With different equipment/puzzle pieces every hero gets his own special abilities. From Basic > Asmarald: The most powerful ability.

Rare Ability Upgrade

You can find magical orbs in the Seven Realms. With these orbs a hero can upgrade his „normal“ ability. But these orbs are rare. So choose wisely which ability you will upgarde.

Mighty Group Abilities

Whenever all heroes have the same equipment/puzzle piece like weapon, armor or helmet, they will be more stronger and get mighty group abilites for the battle.

Influence the activation of Group Abilities with Hero Abilities (example)

An exciting mechanic is to influence the activation of powerful group abilities through the use of hero abilities. In this example, Amira and Camithra attack a Gryphoyes. Amira turns over the creature’s armour die. Camithra subsequently swaps this cube with her own. The resulting pair of 6s is then used to execute the powerful first strike.

Battle system (example)

The combat system consists of a combination of dices and ability cards. There are always two attack and two defense phases. The creature defends itself with one dice and one ability dice per turn. There are many mechanisms. Easy abilities. Abilities bound to status values. Swap skills. State changes. Mighty group abilities when all heroes roll the same dices.

Solo Quests to get Asmarald Equipment and Ability (example)

Each hero has their own solo quest. This is split into 3 parts and must be completed one after the other. These are individual and suitable for the character and the game class. The completion of all three parts is necessary to unlock the strongest equipment and the strongest ability: Asmarald.

Resource Management System (example)

Heroes have to collect the ressources and bring them to the craftsman. Then they will get the final materials which can be used for their equipment.

Tower Defense (example)

All heroes can strengthen their castle with defensive towers. In addition, further towers can be strategically positioned on the resource fields, at craftsmen and at important nodes.

Optional-/ Side Quests and Harbor

Besides the main story, there are many different ways to influence the course of the adventure. There are Optional Quests to get experience or exciting things. There are also Side Quests in the story that can affect the entire game across all chapters. Choose wisely!!!

Sometimes merchant ships also dock at the port near the great ocean Sirian. There, the heroes can then trade various resources and materials.

Recruiting Garrison (example)

To be stronger and face the darkness with more effective power you can recruit different Garrisons in your Castle.

Mounts (example)

Collect all the materials you need and head to the horse breeder to get your mount. With these you can move faster through the „The Seven Realms“.

Destiny Cards

Each game round, a Destiny Card is drawn, which has a direct influence on each game round. This can be to the advantage or disadvantage of the heroes.

Loot Cards (example)

After each battle, the heroes receive loot cards with resources, materials, consumables and Akandia coins.

A lot of mechanics (update will follow)

Heaven’s compass

Difficulty levels


"Only one spark can light up the darkness.

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