Akandia and "The Seven Realms"


500 years ago, the Kingdoms of Akandia were divided. Each kingdom pursued its own plans, and so there were battles among themselves for power and lands. In this chaos the shadows grew and in the back of the kingdoms the Dark Kingdom rose. Led by the Dark King Braaka’Nur, they gradually fell upon Akandia. The unbridled violence and unconscionable atrocities created fear and dread in the inhabitants. The almost indomitable power threatened to take over everything. The Dark King Braaka’Nur gathered the most powerful mages of the Dark Circle around him. He wanted to create an energy that would make every army, every show of power tremble. The sky turned black, green and purple for weeks. Violent energy storms raged that could be seen far into the land. If he generated this energy, Akandia would be lost. And so it was King Arganod, King of the Morninglands, who called all the kingdoms to him and in the face of the looming disaster, united all the kingdoms in a graceful speech. Only together would they be able to liberate Akandia and save it from the spreading darkness. Many warriors lost their lives in huge and bloody battles. In the final battle, King Arganod led his mages to the Dark Circle to stop the proceedings. Elemental spells clashed with Dark magic. The energy released there had never been seen before. And so it was uncontrollable, growing at lightning speed and unstoppable into a huge thunderstorm.

The "Eternal Storm" and "The Keeper"

This one absorbed everything around him. Mages of the kingdom and the Dark Circle, as well as the Dark King himself. Then the storm discharged with a loud bang and disappeared into nothingness, with everything inside it. Thus ended the great war and Akandia was free. But this peace would last only if the kingdoms also remained united. This was only possible if one was to watch over all. The decision was clear and the majority of the votes fell on King Arganod, who from now on was considered the first king of kings and made his throne in the Morninglands the royal seat. 

A few months later, at the southern port, near the ocean Sirian, the sky darkened for a moment and with a loud bang. No one suspected or thought it possible, but what once disappeared into nothingness, returned from it. The thunderstorm of the great war. It now moved unstoppably over the lands of the south. This time, no power seemed to be able to stop it. 

Again, a few days later, a being entered this world known as the Keeper. Life always seeks a balance. From darkness springs light, and from destructive energy, healing energy follows. Thus, it is the Keeper’s task to keep the Eternal Storm trapped in the southern lands and to protect Akandia from greater harm. But this task comes at a price. It takes all her strength to subdue the Eternal Eye. However, this makes her enormously vulnerable to attacks of evil. And that is why King Arganod spoke to his kingdoms. Seven of these kingdoms decided to move to the southern lands and settle there with their castles, fortresses, citadels and palaces to protect the Keeper from any attacks. The old name of this region has since disappeared from the minds of the inhabitants. It is now known only as „The Seven Realms“.

Heroes of "The Seven Realms"

Name: Grimbald
Origin: Dwarfcastle 
Class: Crossbow Dwarf

Grimbald is the son and future heir to the throne of the dwarf king Garabart. The dwarves have always lived in the mountains and their purpose has always been the search for the noblest metals and stones of this world. In the seven realms, these are abundantly available and so it has also drawn the dwarves after the great war in these lands. Grimbald is also a well trained armor smith.

Name: Bragan
Origin: Village near Citadel of the red mountains 
Class: Hyne

The Hynes are a people who rely purely on their power and defensive strength. They are one of the largest peoples of Akandia and Bragan is the most powerful of all the Hynes. His parents died in infancy during a raid. The Citadel took him in and taught him to control his anger and thus become even stronger. He is also a well learnd weapon smith.

Name: Camithra
Origin: Dark Circle 
Class: Dark Magician

Where there is light, there is also darkness. But darkness does not always have to be evil. In the last great war 500 years ago, the Dark Circle belonged to the evil side. But the great King Arganod, ancestor of the current King Torgall, convinced the Dark Circle that evil always brings only suffering and death in the end. From then on, the coven separated and now fights alongside the kingdoms of Akandia.

Name: Herald
Origin: Castle Whitestone 
Class: Guardian

Herald is the son of the castle king Marlon and his wife Karinka. In old family tradition, he has followed the path of his father, who also belonged to the Guardian as a young man. Herald will take over his father’s throne. But first he must prove himself worthy as a Guardian in the seven realms.

Name: Nasukaja
Origin: Temple of desert „Hako“

Class: Assassine

The Assassins walk both by day and by night. But the night is their greatest ally. They know no rest and are masters of camouflage. Nasukaja is the leader of the bodyguard of the desert temple Hako. 500 years ago during the Great War, the Assassins settled in the seven realms to protect the lands from the creatures of darkness at night.

Name: Rhedand
Origin: Evergreen Forest
Class: Ranger

Rhedand is an expert tracker and gifted archer. He learned his skills, especially in the use of poison traps from his master Gregand. Even as a youth, he sought closeness to nature and knows how to rely on his strengths and himself even in the harshest weather conditions.

Name: Amira
Origin: Palace Violana
Class: Elemental Magician

Amira is a young and extremely talented magician. In childhood, her teachers discovered her special abilities. Usually children always develop focus on one skill, but Amira shows strength in both healing and elemental magic. This makes her a strong woman and mage despite her young age. 


Origin: ???
Class: ???
Equipment: ???



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